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As a lifelong resident of North County, I understand our community’s values and what it means to work hard to get the job done. In Annapolis, I’ve built a reputation as a Delegate who always comes to bat for my district, whether it’s supporting our law enforcement, funding our schools or fighting to lower taxes - I don’t back down.


I live in the same Brooklyn Park home that I grew up in, I’ve seen our neighborhoods evolve over the years and have a plan to tackle the new challenges we face. When I was growing up, the community taught me the value of hard work. I went from mowing the grass as a teenager at Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport to becoming the Chief Administrative Officer. Like you, I worked hard to get where I am today and we need a Maryland government that respects that.


Thank you for your support. As your Delegate I promise to continue rolling up my sleeves and changing our community for the better - one day at a time.


- Ned

"I work for you - I don't take the perks."

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