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As two -time Anne Arundel county school board member Ned understands the educational needs of our community and challenges our students face. During his time in the House of Delegates, Ned has consistently fought to fully fund K-12 schools, and voted for a record $6.4 billion in school funding.


Ned stands up for commonsense legislation for our schools in Annapolis, from protecting our public schools from privatization to making college more affordable.

Public Safety & Law Enforcement

Ned is a fierce supporter of our police officers and always fights for increased law enforcement in our where we live. Ned knows the importance of a strong community-police relationship and will continue to push for increased law enforcement in high-crime areas.


During his term in the House of Delegates Ned has voted for tax breaks for law enforcement who live in their communities, training programs to better equip officers, and a comprehensive strategy to modernize the criminal justice system. Ned also supports legislation to crack down on domestic/sexual violence and human trafficking. 

Jobs & Small Businesses

As a member of the Economic Matters Committee, Ned has put job production and small businesses first. Ned has been a vocal supporter of legislation to increase apprenticeship programs which allows workers to learn valuable skills that result in high paying careers.


Ned believes businesses need tax breaks to allow them to grow, that’s why he voted for the ‘More Jobs for Marylanders Act’ which opens the door for more companies to make Maryland their home and create jobs in our community.


Ned campaigned on mowing down your taxes - and in the House of Delegates, he has.


Ned has supported across the board tax cuts for individuals, families and businesses to help strengthen the economy and keep more dollars in your pocket.


He voted in favor of the Earned Income Tax Credit to help low-income earners hold onto more of their income and passed legislation giving tax credits to businesses and individuals that go through the security clearance process - which has had a positive impact on small businesses and families.


Ned knows how important it is to take care of the older members of North County. Protecting seniors' rights, promoting active lifestyles, and ensuring save and orderly neighborhoods are just some of the issues Ned has tackled. 


Ned stood independently from his fellow Democrats and voted against the RPS standard that would have increased utility bills. He also co-sponsored legislation to protect seniors from discriminatory long-term care insurance plans and senior call-check notification services.


The men and women serving in our Armed Forces deserve opportunities to succeed once they come home.


Ned stood up for veterans and their families when he voted to give veterans and their spouses hiring preferences, sponsored legislation to benefit Purple Heart recipients and supports the Stolen Valor Act because he believes impersonating a member of the military is wrong.

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